Traditional Thai massage is a unique therapy that incorporates Hatha Yoga, acupressure and reflexology with origins dating back about 2500 years. The roots of Thai massage are traced back to the founder of the practice (known as “Father Doctor”) Shivaga Komarpaj, a doctor, friend and contemporary to the Buddha.

Ancient Medical texts were carved in stone in attempts to preserve the tradition of Thai massage; these stone inscriptions still sit within the walls of the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok. In Thailand, there are many rural people who do a lot of physical work all day long and their muscles become very stiff and sore, so they teach their children massage skills they learned from their parents.

In this way, Thai massage is passed down generations as an oral tradition. Massage has a unique style in each area of Thailand. When people gathered together from different regions they would exchange their massage techniques. Thus influences came from other countries such as China, India, Burma and Tibet, opening up new developments.

Thai oil massage is the most popular massage type in Europe. Practiced on the table, it is very similar to the classic Swedish massage known to us. Massage uses a special high-quality Pino Liquiderma Sensitive massage oil that does not contain any preservatives, flavorings or emulsifiers. Components and their mutual compatibility is dermatologically tested.

Thai foot reflexology. Our feet contain energy points which can be traced to all areas of our bodies. Thai Reflexology uses these points to stimulate the body. As such it is very effective in improving your health and well-being.

Often overlooked, the Thai Foot Massage is a powerful form of healing that leaves customers feeling light and refreshed. Targeting areas in the feet can help cure various ailments throughout the body.

Thai aromatic oil massage. Essential oils extracted from peppermint and lemon grass are mixed with the organic massage oil. The essential oils are absorbed during massage improving health and well being. A must have for those who need to melt the stress away.

Four hand Thai aroma oil massage done by 2 therapist same time for one customer. This massage more sensitive and relaxing aroma massage.

Thai Sport Extra specially for sportsman deep-tissue massage for muscle and focus more personal problems.